Medical Furniture Repair

Stop worry about your medical furniture repair needs, we know that it is embarrassing to have your waiting room or furniture or your medical furniture look worn out, discolor, and rip on the corners, look no further, Leather Clinic understand your situation, with over 35 years in the medical furniture repair and reupholster business, we can restore your medical furniture looking new again with a fraction of what it would cost new, the question we get all the time is how long those it takes, and they can’t afford to have their exam table or bed out for too long.

Our answer is we can pickup Friday afternoon after your last patient, and have it back in Monday morning before your first patient.

We don’t do patch work or rip repair, we specialize in restoration by reupholster your furniture any color of your choice, we make your furniture looks new as when you first purchase it, we will take our medical material catalog to your office so you can choose your color.

Look no further Leather Clinic located in Rockville Maryland.
We provide Upholstery service for Hospital, Medical Centers, Orthopedic Surgeons, Family Practice, Orthodontists, Urgent Care Facilities, Occupational Medicine, Dental, and much more.